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Welcome :)


I am
I collect
I track
I love

Those four words characterize my professional life. They also characterize me personally…

I am… a licensed tour guide and tour leader.
And as such I have a wide range of qualifications and quite a collection of licenses.

Among them are the ones to guide in and around Gdansk, as well as Torun.

I am also licensed to guide and lead tours in and around the two northern provinces of Poland – the Pomeranian and Warmia-Mazury.

I also have licenses to guide in and around the Castle Museum in Malbork and Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork etc… I am also a licensed tour leader, and have powers to teach new guides.

I collect… bricks.
Gothic bricks, as I specialize in the times of Prussia Teutonic and Ducal as well as Royal. I collect bricks, because they can tell a story and can make the walls reveal their secrets.

I track… Tutivillus, which is not the easiest task, but is a guarantee of an adventure.  As for Tutivillus – I wrote about him  elsewhere …

I love… what I am doing.
Quitting office work some years ago, and devoting my life to guiding, I gained a privilege of setting off to work with pleasure.  Besides I train new guides, I teach how to read walls, paintings, symbols. I make the places I guide around – special. I investigate family genealogies, I write a little, I paint, and most of all – I take a lot of pictures.

And privately?

Privately I am a happy person, as I am doing what I love 

In 2013 I got a Merit Badge in Tourism – (granted by  the Ministry of Sports and Tourism)

(The new (?) law imposes the obligation that all websites display the info about cookies… I don’t know how to do it mechanically, so HERE is a link to site information)
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